Hello friends, this complete website or blog is dedicated for you to provide SHAREit Download App official website links for Android, iPhone and Computer. If you want to download SHAREit App APK or for any platform like Windows PC or Mac then you are at correct place.

Here we are providing complete latest version of SHAREit which is one of the best application developed by Lenovo which allows users to transfer files from one device to another and it even allows inter-platform file sharing system with the help of which you can easily share files from Android to iPhone, to PC and even Mac.

SHAREit App allows you to easily send media files like images, videos and docs with super fast speed. And there is no file size limit means you can send file as small as 1mb and as big as 10gb.

This wonderful app is available for all Windows PC, Android, Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and Macbook and that too completely free.

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Download SHAREit for Android, iPhone, PC & APK :

As said above only that this complete blog is dedicated to provide working and official links to download SHAREit App for Android, iPhone, Computer and Mac and that too without any issue.

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Let me tell you that this app is so amazing that you don’t even need worry about old technology like USB Wire Transfer and Bluetooth because this wonderful app works on the latest technology of Wi-Fi Direct connect which enables it to transfer files between devices within matter of seconds.

The complete post with downloading links starts from here.

SHAREit for Android Download (Official) :

Here, in this particular section I am providing you some of the best working official links to Download SHAREit App for Android phones including all the brand phones like Samsung, HTC, Lava, Lenovo, etc.

I mean to say that this app is now available for every Android Smartphone no matter which company phone it is.

Now you need to follow the below given official link which will take you to the page where app download link is given with complete guide.

shareit for android

Features :

Now don’t follow unsafe methods of transferring files like USB Flash Drive or Cable and also forget about that old and slow bluetooth technology which takes so much time to share even small file. Instead download SHAREit App for your Android smartphone.

Some of the best features are highlighted below.

  • Enables you and your friends to transfer and receive files at a time
  • This method is completely safe and helps you to protect your privacy
  • Transferring speed is as high as 10-15 Mbps
  • SHAREit App is very light and handy to use
  • Best and user-friendly interference.

SHAREit for PC or Mac Download – Guide :

Do you know what’s so special about this app? It’s available for PC or Mac which helps you to transfer any kind of file from PC to Smartphone and vice versa. This particular feature helps you to get rid from that old and conventional way of transferring files with USB Cable.

And one more important thing is that you can share files from any corner of your room which is not the case with cables for sure.

All you need to do is to follow this link to download SHAREit for PC (Step-by-step instructions with screenshots)


Features :

  • No need to worry about old methods like attaching USB cable to PC
  • Send any file from PC to mobile or phone to PC easily
  • No problem to infecting devices with viruses

SHAREit App for iPhone Download :

Yes, unlike other apps this mind blowing application is available for iOS uses so that you can download this app for iPhone or even iPad.

Not only you can share images, videos or any type files with fellow iPhone users but you can even send the same to Android users and to PC also.

You need to visit this link so that you can download SHAREit for iPhone instantly.

shareit for iphone

Features :

We all know if you want to transfer or send any kind of file from iPhone to Android then it’s really difficult because of inter platform issues but with this app all such problems are now solved.

Download SHAREit APK Latest Android Version:

I know that pain when you are not able to install any application directly from Google Play Store due to any kind of reason and in cases all you need is APK file of that application.

Here I am going to provide you the SHAREit APK file which will help you to install this app into your Android device without play store. Like I have budget Android phone which has only 1 GB internet memory which is occupied with system apps only hence I am not able to download any app from the official store, in such cases this APK file plays really important as you can directly install apps into phone.

You need to visit this link to get SHAREit APK Download file.

shareit apk download

How to use SHAREit App – Complete Tutorial :

If you are new to this application then you might need the complete guide with screenshots so that you can easily use this app and transfer or share files like photos, sound, etc with your friends.

As this tutorial is little bit lengthy I can’t post in this section so you need to visit the below link.

Click here to learn how to use SHAREit App

Wrap Up :

So folks, I think I have covered all the topics in this post and if you think that I have skipped anything then please let me know about it via comment section.

Also let me confirm it that the downloading links which is used in this website is completely legit and from official source so you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of this downloaded apps or program. Also our website is secured with 128-bit SSL certificate which indicates that we care about your privacy and security.

I hope that you enjoyed this post on how to download SHAREit App for PC, Android, iPhone and even SHAREit APK App for Android. Please keep on visiting this website as we are going to provide more guides and tutorial in future on this blog.